An Caladh

Port Magee (An Caladh) 50x50cm
Port Magee (An Caladh) 50x50cm acrylic/collage on wood panel

A residency in Cill Rialaig, (Co. Kerry, Ireland) usually proves to be a productive time for me, although I usually arrive with the intention of sitting back and taking stock. Port Magee is not far away, a good opportunity to draw some working fishing boats.




I’m going to be teaching “Charcoal Workshops” beginning in Narberth on 1st October 10am – 2pm Mondays, and in Aberystwyth on Tuesdays 6 – 9pm. Early Bird booking discount till 23rd Sept. We’ll be taking charcoal to places it shouldn’t go(!) and getting messy along the way.


I sometimes wonder to which county in Ireland I would go, if I went. Ultimately maybe the remotest would be the best choice, i.e. Donegal. Cruit (pronounced “Critch”) is an island off Donegal and, although I’ve not been on the island it looks like my idea of paradise.

Cruit-II 40x50cm PJM18-25
Cruit II 40 x 50cm Acrylic/collage on wood panel



I’ll begin teaching some new courses for Aberystwth University’s Lifelong Learning programme in Narberth Pembrokeshire (on 23rd April) and will be running a couple of private courses in the UK, one in Builth Wells and a further course in Oswestry. See my website and follow the links for details and bookings. The recent course at the Farbenlaube, Dornbirn, Austria was considerably oversubscribed, from which I could deduce that I must be doing something right!

News update


Here’s a brief update on what I’ve been up to and what’s upcoming in terms of exhibitions and courses.

The exhibition at MoMA Machynlleth (Coastal Structures -and an Ice Cream Van) runs on till 28th April so there’s still a bit of time if you haven’t seen it yet.

Hadfield Fine Art will be showing some new work of mine at the Fresh Art Fair, Cheltenham 27th – 29th April

I’m currently in Germany and struggling to get enough work together for a show in Wasserburg on the Lake of Constance that will begin in September. It will be at the Kunst Bahnhof Vernissage (Private view) will be 7th September if anyone fancies a trip!