Regensburg detail

a detail of the Regensburg sketch…


Duerren -photo

The old brewery buildings which are to be converted into a five star hotel. Shame really, I like them as they are….they could even serve as a motif for painting? I like the cornfield in front too…

Postcard from Regensburg

Regensburg sketch 21 x 103cm pen + ink

“Regensburg bietet den größten zusammenhängenden Bestand an romanischer und gotischer Architektur nördlich der Alpen.”
Regensburg offers the most complete connected array of roman (norman) and gothic architecture north of the alps.
Not really any wonder that it’s a world heritage site then!
This side of the danube was obviously quieter the in the old town itself. I found myself opening more and more pages of my sketchbook to get the whole vista in.