Du bist gut

Du Bist Gut, Munich sketchbook pages

In front of me was the vast and noble “Residenz”, but the building site was more interesting to my eyes. Crane, portakabins, scaffolding and a jumble of parked bicycles interspersed with an array of signposts…urban beauty.

MA show -2

best beergarden in Aberystwyth 50 x 150cm acrylic/collage on canvas

the bit underneath 75 x 100cm acrylic/collage on board
reeking of seaweed 75 x 100cm acrylic on board

Some of the paintings in the 2nd MA show. All of the Aberystwyth pier…well, actually mostly of the underneath of the pier.
The pier used to have a banner boasting the “best beergarden in Aberystwyth”!