life drawing June

Agnes01 30x40cm graphite/pencil
Agnes02 30x40cm graphite/pencil

Agnes03 30x40cm graphite/pencil

 30x40cm graphite/pencil
Agnes 2013-06-11 some portrait drawing in life drawing group. Lindau am Bodensee.


Back at the beginning of this year I entered the all new “SELF” portrait painting comp. The advertising blurb for it read as follows…

“The prize pushes the boundaries of self-representation in painting and drawing, seeking submissions of adventurous, fresh self-portraits.”…
“Free from the constraints of commissioned portrait painting, the self portrait does not have to flatter the sitter, or even give a likeness in the literal sense, time and money are no longer concerns and the artist is at liberty to push the boundaries and experiment.”

That’s a fresh change to the usual portraiture seen in the BP Portrait prize for example, I thought!
Needless to say my work wasn’t accepted, none too surprising; I wasn’t satisfied with it…what is surprising however, is this…

Not to say that it isn’t a highly accomplished painting in it’s own right, but does that push the boundaries of self-representation for anyone?

Give me this guy’s work any day…

Guy Denning

Du Bist Gut…once more…

Du bist gut, 75 x 100cm acrylic/collage on wood panel

From the outset I had a feeling this would be a tricky one, probably I’ve gone in too accurately/rigidly to begin with, maybe I should sketch the scene a few times more before going into colour. What initially fascinated me is tending to get lost, I even went back there last weekend, of course the building site is gone and there stands a pristine building, there weren’t even any bicycles!