RBSA open all media exhibition

BaconRolls£1.50, Bronant J.Jenkins+Sons, Tregaron Davmor-I Cletwr Cafe, Tre'r Ddolfour of my filling stations paintings are showing at the RBSA Birmingham. Open from today till 28th March 2015.

2 thoughts on “RBSA open all media exhibition

  1. Came across your work by chance a couple of months ago. Saw an ad. in The Artist for the B’ham exhibition. I lived in Brum for six years in the 70s and I decided to drive down (from Yorkshire) and have a nostalgic day out and to see the canvasses for real. A city changes a lot in three decades and though I didn’t get lost there were times I wasn’t sure where I was. I was very glad I’d made the effort, for the sake of the four canvasses of yours alone it was worth it, and there was good stuff in the rest of the exhibition too—it turned into a very nice early spring day so the nostalgia aspects went well too.


    1. many thanks for the feedback John. So glad you enjoyed the work…and Brum. Birmingham is new territory for me, although we used to go there occasionally when I was younger I hadn’t been for many years before being invited along to the RBSA. They are a great bunch and it was a strong show…unfortunately the weather and car problems prohibited me taking a look around the City as I would like to have done. Most of my inspiration is in Wales though I spend half of the year in Germany. Where are you based?


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