Made 2

4 stages of an ice cream van. Stage 2….more like a complete revamp. Although this improved the composition The colours were too muted. I was actually after something more like pop art.

“Made” Ice cream van 40 x40cm Acrylic/collage on wood panel -Stage 2


Made 1

Over on FB and Instagram I’m posting the four stages of an ice cream van painting.

Four stages of an ice cream van. Stage 1. I set this as some sort of a challenge for my upcoming show…to produce a painting of an ice cream van; a chance to go slightly off track and use some different colours. My new neon colours arrived too late to be used. Very unhappy with this first effort but it was a beginning.

“Made” Ice cream van 40 x 40cm Acrylic/collage on board -Stage 1

New website

My new website has gone live. It’s been quite an effort to rebuild since the old one was in iWeb, a program that apple stopped supporting some time ago. This one is built with a Mac specific program called blocs, which takes some getting used to but works well eventually. Anyway, I’ve been able to make the site mobile friendly and also integrate some ┬ásort of provisional shop in order to offer the long awaited fine art prints. Have a look on thanks!

new website

the way to go


apparently this is the way to go…showing one’s work in-situ…I couldn’t be bothered witha stock photo however, and my living room is non-existent so I decided to draw (a fairly neutral) living room with one of my recent paintings on a grey wall. The painting is “Blaen Pennant-II”, 40 x 40cm in my trademark grey frame.

Clettwr reprise

Clettwr 75 x 100cm Acrylic/mixed media on wood panel

I’ve taken this piece, from the 2013 ACW funded filling stations project, to Oriel y Bont, Aberystwyth….nice to remember the freedom of having a funded project. The old filling station has been demolished in the meantime and, thankfully, an architecturally interesting building has replaced it serving as a shop and cafe.